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  • What is an Eco-Healthy Classroom?

    An eco-healthy classroom is one that is free of pests and toxins and reduces opportunities for children to be exposed to something that is harmful or could negatively affect their health. Start by identifying risks and learn what you can do to make your classroom eco-heaIthy.

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    Baby Crawling

    Emerging Health Concerns - Ticks

    Education is the best prevention when it comes to addressing the growing cases of Lyme Disease across the country. Use these tip sheets, posters and parent handouts to inform staff and families about how to avoid ticks and what to do if one is found.

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    Castor Bean with Tick

    Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting

    According to the Centers for Disease Control there are 2 million occurrences of poisoning each year, half of which are children under the age of 6! Prevent these dangerous exposures by ensuring you are properly using and storing chemicals with this helpful guidance.

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    Little Girl Playing with Household Cleaners

    Share the Knowledge

    Help families understand how to select and use less toxic cleaning products and safely store them. Start the conversation by sharing the handouts under “Cleaning Products Safety” to educate families on proper precautions to take at home.

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    Cleaning Products Safety Baby
  • Cleaning Supplies

    Staples Logo for Feature
    Staples has everything you need to ‘green’ your cleaning practices. Check out the suggested items on the Green Cleaning list. (Remember: Check state regulations for approved cleaning materials!)
  • Green Cleaning Tools

    Green Cleaning
    The Environmental Protection Agency has an ECE specific toolkit and policy to help you adopt green cleaning practices. Be sure to share with staff. Get started today!
  • Completing a Portfolio?

    Oregon QRIS Logo
    This site has great resources for programs who are working on completing their QRIS Portfolio, but will they fully meet all of the requirements of Oregon’s QRIS?

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